Getting the most out of treatment

How to maximise the benefits of your Acupuncture treatment

To get the most from your Acupuncture treatment here are some things to be thoughtful of before and after your treatment.  Mainly, be good to yourself!

After your treatment: 

Try to drink plenty of fluids.  After your treatment, this helps to push any toxins that may have been released out of your system.  Avoid alcohol for 24 hours after treatment, or only have a small amount if you do have some as this can be harder work for your system to deal with.

Rest if you can.  Whether your body asks you to or not!  Try not to have a full day at work after treatment or do things you know are stressful.  You may want to plan some relaxation time or may need to sleep.  Rest doesn’t have to be sitting or lying down and doing nothing, but try to go easy on yourself and not do vigorous activity or exercise.  You may, of course, feel fine; try to use this energy wisely and not do too much – savour it!  Try and have a relaxing and restorative nights sleep after treatment.

Eat nourishing foods.  Acupuncture is trying to balance your system, so try and support your body to do this.  Healthy meals full of vegetables and protein are best.  If you do indulge in something you fancy, keep it in moderation.

Follow my advice!  As everyone is different and each treatment is individual to you, I may also give you some individual advice to follow.  Sometimes this can involve making changes to your diet and lifestyle.  This isn’t always easy, so we can discuss ways to make changes and which changes might be most important to make for your health.  Let me know how you get on at your next treatment.  Trying some diet and lifestyle changes may help you take better control of your health by nourishing your health.

Go easy on yourself.  After treatment, some people find their emotions come up or they may feel worse than when they went for treatment.  Try to be relaxed about this as it is likely to mean that you will feel better moving forward.  If you don’t feel well, try and rest or find a way to let out the emotions you are experiencing.  If the discomfort continues, don’t hesitate to call me.  Sometimes knowing this is normal can help.  If not, adding a treatment sooner that you had planned may help.  You may need to be working on reducing stress and anxiety in your life.

Your symptoms.  Whilst it can be useful to try not to focus on your symptoms, try and keep in mind that I will want to know how you have been between treatments such as the changes in quality and frequency of your difficulties, so I can understand how treatment is working for you.  You may find it helpful to write yourself a few notes to bring with you to your next session.  I will also want to ask you about your general wellbeing and how you have been feeling in yourself.   If anything changes about your health or medication, please let me know at your next appointment.

Regular treatment is especially important if you have a chronic condition.  Though you may feel much better after only a few sessions, remember Acupuncture has a cumulative effect and your problem may return.  Regular treatment is likely to achieve more progress than attending sporadically when your symptoms are at their worst.  When you feel much better, it is still very positive to have a treatment every 6-12 weeks to keep you topped up and prevent any further problems.  This can also help you adjust as the seasons change.

 Before your treatment:

  • Have a light snack before treatment and avoid having a large meal.
  • Try to arrive a little early, so you don’t have to rush.
  • Use the toilet if you need to – you may be spending 20-30 minutes resting on the treatment couch.
  • Try to be relaxed
  • Turn off your mobile phone if you have it with you.
  • If possible wear loose clothing that allows access to your limbs.

Best of health to you!